Extinction Is Forever

by Log Driver

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released September 14, 2016

Drums: Matt Kaminsky
Guitar, Bass, Vocals: Dave Kaminsky

Guest vocals on "Extinction Is Forever" by Brendan James Hayter

Recorded and mixed by Dave at Studio Wormwood
Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East Mastering



all rights reserved


Log Driver Mansfield, Connecticut


Extinction Is Forever

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Track Name: Grief
We know nothing, widowed loving
visions can't erase
the conscious fear of empathy
Let it glow, burn the ends of ignorance
Mind's eye turned towards none

Sell me, be my prophet
Give me a name other than grief
Blind me with devotion
And in the light of angels, sing

Light my path
on my journey towards clarity
Take my title and say
Leave your body

Undress your heart
Take off that cassock, torn with love
Be one with the casket, and ask for nil
Mind’s eye now one
We know nothing, we believe
Let go of your body and give me a name
Other than grief

Here now but gone tomorrow
Let him ease the pain
Against the grain of time, let him rot
But let him love,
let him love for all its worth
Lost the battle, won the fight

My tree, a dream of light
In branches it hangs,
like a halo hung above my life
Fight the dread, let me burn
All you need is a sapling
with the color of love in its place
Track Name: Age Is Wisdom
No shadows left, no shelter - so they flee
The mark of mill and axe
Drowned in lore of roots
Torrid, needled ground, no seed is sewn

Age is wisdom
That was then, and this is now
I shall wear it as my cloak
Dust collects in a pool where the boscage stood
The heaven we left -
That was then, and this is now

The wake of man brought grist and shame, undercaste
Vines consume my home
While we hurry into the ground, our place is known
Black tendrils take me down

Age is wisdom
That was then, and this is now
I shall wear it as my cloak
Dust collects in a pool where the boscage stood
The heaven we left -
That was then, and this is now
Track Name: Extinction Is Forever
The first to leave
When my hands strangle holiness
Effrontery, here to stay
Extinction is forever,
We tried - we failed
Before my eyes, we lost

When the tree falls, do you listen
To the thunderous wail
Against the grain of the dead

When the last woods are lost
I’ll sake my longings
With poisons, watch as brethren go with me

When the last woods are lost
Behold the dawning
Time runs it’s course on the damned
Given time does the sound of crushed bark travel?
Extinction is forever

Blessed Earth
Fill my neverending thirst
With love for thee, again
My cup, bottomless - yet still it overflows
Turn one last blind eye

Pull the remnants upstream
With the mother love
Pull the shards of tree
Turn one last blind eye
Track Name: Under Cinders Glowing
Against the will of Earthen forces
A stump is born, amid a rain of his limbs
Under cinders glowing
Dead at last - roots lifeless, brittle, charred
Centuries elapse without fear
Breathing our last gasp
A monument to nothing
Dead at last

Awakened to the purging
Unyielding ashen door

His legs, surrendered from the ground
And in the nights that follow, shadless… from the crying moon
Awakened to the purging

We are in a cage
We are burning, alive
At once, under cinders glowing
With our own dismal greed
Dead at last